Thursday, August 30, 2012

Best of Netflix

This is going to be a continually changing and growing list as I continue to explore the options of Netflix.

But for now, in no particular order...

  1. Breaking Bad
  2. Weeds
  3. H20: Just Add Water
  4. Workaholics
  5. Skins
  6. The Inbetweeners
  7. Sherlock
  8. Doctor Who
  9. Me Without You
  10. Bo Burnham: Words, Words, Words

To be continued...


Things I Learned From Snapple

"Dogs can make about 10 sounds, cats can make about 100."

"It takes an interaction of 72 muscles to produce human speech."

"The can opener was invented 48 years after the can."

"Slugs have 4 noses."

"Alaska has the highest percentage of people who walk to work."

"You burn more calories sleeping than watching tv."

"Colors like red, yellow, and orange make you hungry."

"To remove crayon marks from walls, use a hairdryer to heat the wax."


Texts I Almost Sent #1

To the boyfriend:

          Context: neither of us have dropped the "love" bomb yet, and I am very hesitant to be the                     first because I am nervous he doesn't love me quite yet. We also dated a few years ago.

"I don't know how you do it, but you're making me fall in love with you all over again."

To the ex-best friend:

           Context: my ex-best friend is age 22, 5 years older than me, and very obese and immature                     leading her to get my nerves GREATLY recently.

"You should probably go loose some weight because no one wants a wife who is going to die of heart problems from eating such shit."

Don't judge me. It was late at night.


Annoying Things Adults Do

I have encountered many things that adults do that annoy me, but I have managed to narrow it down to the top three MOST annoying things adults do...

  1. "Hey kiddo!" Okay, really? I just HATE this. Who, in their right mind thinks that kiddo is an acceptable title for someone. Come on, adultos.
  2. Trying to set you up. Recently, we had a few of my grandparents' friends over for drinks and one of them brought their 23 year old Italian nephew with the hopes of me up with him. Meaning they constantly asked me, "Don't you think he's sooo handsome? Why don't you come over and talk to him? What do you think?" STOP, I AM NOT INTERESTED.
  3. "So what college are you going to?" I am a senior and school hasn't even started yet. I hardly know what classes I am taking this next year of high school, yet alone what college will accept me and offer me scholarship money. That's a ways down the line. I didn't know last week, I don't know today. I won't know for months. Stop asking. The answer is the same.
So adults, read this and be enlightened. And youngsters, read this and be amused.


The best compliment I ever had.

Today, while getting my blood drawn, the phlebotomist said to me...

     "Wow, you have a really amazing vein."

Ugh... thanks?


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Would you rather....

Only be able to read books for the rest of your life or only be able to watch movies for the rest of your life?


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Marriage Advice

So the other day I asked my divorced mother how, given the learning experiences of her failed marriage, she believes you know when you should marry someone and have a long, successful marriage with them. And this is what she said...

  1. You cannot see anything in the person that you wish to change and you definitely cannot hope to change that for them. You have to only accept their weaknesses and decide whether or not those are weaknesses you can learn and continue to love.
  2. The person must bring out the absolute best qualities in you. They must not bring out jealousy, reclusiveness, disorganization, anger, obsession, etc.
From these two pieces of advice, I learned so much.

I am only a senior in high school and by no means plan to get married anytime soon, but after my mom's advice I feel that, should I be a few years older and wiser, boyfriend and I would have a long and happy marriage. I recognize that he has no sense of style, but I think it's cute and unique. I love that he can't stop laughing once he starts. It's different that he oversimplifies which ultimately over complicates. I already love these things about him.

Most importantly, my boyfriend makes me not care what anyone thinks. He reminds me that I'm beautiful, smart, and funny, and being around him gives me the confidence and courage to wear, say, act, and be what/how I want. And that side of me is the best side of me.

Just because current statistics aren't in your favor, it doesn't mean you can't find love and make it last the duration of a lifetime. So here's to long and happy marriages. *clink*


Thoughts from the Workplace: Aug. 22nd

Today, I met a girl named Phoenix.

Just wait... her siblings' names?


 That's all I  have to say.


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Words of Wisdom

A couple of quotes that I absolutely love.

      "All, everything that I understand, I understand because I love." -Leo Tolstoy

      "It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live." -Albus Dumbledore

      "Time is making fools of us again." -Albus Dumbledore

      "Happiness can be found in the darkest of times if only one remembers to turn on the light." 
        -Albus Dumbledore

      "I'm selfish, impatient, and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control, and at times
       hard to handle. But if you can't hand;e me at my worst, they you sure as hell don't deserve me at
       my best." -Marilyn Monroe

      "If for one minute you think you're better than a sixteen year old girl in a Green Day t-shirt, you
       are sorely mistaken. Remember the first time you went to a show and saw your favorite band?
       You wore their shirt and sang every word. You didn't know anything about politics, haircuts, or
       what was cool. All you knew was that this music made you feel different from anyone you
       shared a locker with. Someone finally understood you. This is what music is about." -Gerard Way

     "Bright star, would I were steadfast as thou art." -John Keats

     "Everything works out in the end. If it doesn't work out, it's not the end." -Anonymous

     "Always." -Severus Snape


Friday, August 10, 2012

Separation Anxiety

Boyfriend has been out of town for a week today.

And not just out of town, camping. With no cell phone service.

So I haven't talked to him in a week and he won't be back for two more days. And I REALLY miss him. I just want to cuddle with him. And kiss him. And talk to him. And touch his hair. And smell his cologne. And stay up all night with him.

He was on vacation one other time this summer for a week, but a least we could text. This is just misery. The light at the end of the tunnel? I am house sitting for a night when he comes back so we have a whole house all to ourselves ;)

Come home, babe. I miss you.


My Beauty Routine


Unfortunately, I break out easily and no foundation can be used regularly without breaking out regularly. Because of that my makeup routine is very simple.

I brush a light layer of powder over my face to hide any shiny spots and even my skin tone a bit.
I then accent my cheek and brow bones with Benefit Moonbeam for a slight sparkle.
I fill in my ridiculously fair eyebrows with a drug store brow powder that I apply with a thin angled brush.
I use a rose colored eyeshadow as a base and accent it with a subtle dark purple, almost mauve color in the crease of my eye. I then top it with a thin layer of brown eyeliner on my top lid, a coat of mascara, and a dark pink color of Chapstick that tints my lips ever so slightly.


My hair is curly, long,  frizzy, and incredibly unpredictable. The routine I have found that works best for me achieves the most tame and least frizzy beach waves possible.

I wash my hair using Organix Coconut Milk shampoo and conditioner (it smells irresistible).
I then towel dry my hair and apply Organix Coconut Milk serum to the bottom half of my hair focusing on the ends to mend any dead ends.
I then spritz Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray on my entire head and brush it through.
I then divide my hair into four sections and braid each loosely without securing the ends with a rubber band. I then wrap the braids into a loose bun and secure it with a rubber band.
I sleep with my hair like this as if I let my hair air dry without sleeping on it, my curls are out of control.
I wash my hair every other day and if necessary, I use Not Your Mother's Dry Shampoo between washes.

I hope this wasn't too boring!


Fall Shopping List

As much as I don't want to go back to school, the time has come to start compiling my list of fall essentials for my imminent back-to-school shopping trip. So far this is what I have come up with...

  • Chunky cable knit cardigan- this is not only super comfortable and warm, but also very popular at the moment and looks so cute with jeans and a tee or belted over leggings and/or jeans and  boots
  • Legwarmers- Pinterest has taught me that there is nothing cuter than Legwarmers peeking out from the top of your boots with either tights or skinny jeans underneath. 
  • Anything oxblood- this color is very fall and very in. 
  • Long sleeve shirts- so great for layering and warmth. A variety of flowy, off the shoulder, fitted, and thermal will provide endless layering opportunities. 
  • Military jacket- still super popular and undeniably adorable. 
  • Big and fluffy scarf and beanies- the perfect, cutest fall accessories. Keep you warm and will transition perfectly into colder winter weather!
  • Flannels- these look so cute layered and are so cozy. Perfect under a denim jacket with the collar and cuffs peeking out to make an ultra warm and oh so cute addition to any long sleeve shirt and jeans. 
  • Boots (up to knees and booties)- no outfit is complete without shoes and boots are the perfect shoes for fall. Two or three pairs in varying colors and heights can be all you need for the whole season and well into winter!
I have just now realized that I really enjoy fashion and beauty posts so perhaps there will be a few more headed your way! 


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Cell Phone Coverage

I invite you all to take a look at the picture posted above. What you see here is AT&T's (one of the nation's most popular wireless providers) coverage map. If you didn't pick up on it, the orange is where cell phone reception is available and the beige is where you are unfortunately without service.

Am I the only one who is really not please with the amount of beige showing on this map?

In this day and age, you can chat face to face with someone thousands of miles away within seconds. So why can't you send a simple text message from certain parts of California?

And am I the only one who is pissed off that Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Missouri seem to have the best coverage? Are we forgetting California? One of the most populated, beautiful, tourist-attracting, and diverse states in the nation?

Come on wireless carriers, get your fucking act together and set up a few more of those fake palm trees that provide your phone with that slight bit of reception it needs to send a quick text.

Is it that hard?


How do I say this without sounding like a complete asshole?

Today has been one of those days.

Those days where you find yourself taking a shower when you get home from work and all of a sudden bursting into tears for no apparent reason. (By the way, showers are the absolute best places to cry. The not only muffle the sound of your sobs, but they comfort you as you weep.)

The things I would like to say in the least douchebag way possible:

  1. Sisters, I didn't miss you while you were all traveling for a month. Please, go back. I liked the quiet and the tidiness and the peace and quite frankly, I am sick and tired of Cake Boss and the Kardashians clogging up our DVR.
  2. Grandparents, it's time for you to go home. It's been a great three week visit... kinda... But the judgement and the lack of sympathy and the complete and utter cluelessness is totally tiresome.
  3. Family, coworkers, and the rest of the world, I am not in a good mood and I won't be for a while because my boyfriend is on vacation for 9 days with no cell phone reception at all. And I miss him a lot. And at the moment, he's the one person that would make me feel better, and he's not here. So you all have to deal with the shit mood. 
To anyone this was addressed to, I am sorry if I offended you. But not really, because you most likely offended me too.


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Thoughts from the Workplace: Aug. 5th

When I planned this series of posts, I was expecting to trash talk about the hippies and tourists who clutter the local art fair and the  businessmen and students who gather at the Starbucks where I work.

However, tonight, my very first 'Thoughts From the Workplace' post straight from the eccentric art fair is one of praise.

Today, three things have happened that have made me grow to appreciate the artsy and the visiting.

  1. Upon first glance, I rolled my eyes at Carrie. With her visor, waist-high cargo shorts, and pink 'CALFORNIA' tshirt, she was the exact person I swore at secretly for causing traffic and parking issues among many other annoyances. However, Carrie walked right up to me today and gushed that my hair was the most beautiful she had ever seen, all the while sporting the most genuine of smiles. 
  2. Next up is the lady sitting at the booth next to me. Our only interactions have been courteous smiles whenever we make eye contact, but that's it. Today, lady whose name is still unknown, came over and handed me a plate of brownies and cake, smiled, and returned to her station.
  3. I have now finished my brownies and baked goods courtesy of kind neighbor and I am greeted by Jeanne who is walking around with a bucketful of chocolate covered almond clusters that she is handing out to customers, artists, and sales associates alike, leaving none for herself. 
These are all miniscule, I know, but somehow they made me appreciate the hippies and tourists a little more. 


A Few of My Favorite Things: Summer Edition

Fairs and carnivals
Hawaiian print
Air conditioning
Coconut-scented lotion
Starbucks Refreshers
Aloe vera
Summer reading assignments
Being barefoot
Pajama shorts, not pants
Social isolation
True Blood
Freedom and free time


Starbucks Refreshers...

... Are Delicious.

That's all I have to say.


To Sex or Not To Sex?

To all of my beloved readers (oh, wait....) you learned from a recent post that I am quite certainly in love.

Some things you may not know about me....

  1. I am 17 years old and a senior in high school
  2. I have been dating the same person for a month and dated him for 9 months three years ago.
  3. I am a virgin. 
I always told myself that I would lose my virginity when I was sure I was ready and with someone I loved. 

Currently, there are two things I am certain of: I am ready and I love my boyfriend. 

So why am I hesitating?

Ah, that is a good question. And the answer is because I am not sure yet that he feels the same way about me that I feel about him. I KNOW he loves hanging out, but do his feelings extend beyond lust? And do I want to have sex with someone that may not love me even if I love him? Well, I know that I want to, but is it a good idea?

If there is anyone out there reading this, I have poured my heart out and want to know what you all think. Normally, I blog for myself, to let my feelings out, to ponder things, and to pass the time, and I normally answer my own questions by the time I click publish. But this time, my questions are left unanswered and I seek your help, Internet. 



Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hey guys!

So without going into too much detail and boring you all to death, my tedious part time job relies heavily on customer service-- greeting people when they walk in and always smiling (*barf*).

Today, two older ladies, both around 70, came in and I greeted them with my standard, "Hey guys, how are you today?" Normally, the responses are within the range of "fine, thank you" and "great, thanks." But these two were different. After kindly greeting them, I was shocked to see both of them look up at me, a look of disgust on their faces, as one of them responded, "We are not guys." Her friend them followed this with a snarky and condescending look saying, "We are ladies." They then turned around and left.

And so to those LADIES I would like to say:

Guys, (see what I did there?)

I made an effort to greet you, and although it may not have been in a manner that you approved of, I greeted you kindly. As a fellow woman, I am not seeking to demean you or suggest that you are anything less than two well-dressed, elderly woman out for a day of shopping. This is simply the way we young folk greet others.

The Rude Sales Associate Who Dared to Call You 'Guys'

I guess I have learned my lesson: never address people as anything other than ladies and gentlemen. Oh wait, that's ridiculous.

That's all for now!

<3 F

(Leave me comments! What do you think? What should I write about next?) 

I think I'm in love...

No, I know I'm in love. I was in love with him three years ago and one month was all it took to know that I am in love him all over again.

I love his hair. Long or short, I love it.
I love his beautiful, hazel eyes.
I love the way he looks at me every time someone kisses in a movie.
I love how he always opens doors for me.
I love that he thinks my sisters are hilarious.
I love his dimples. Oh, how I love those dimples.
I love how he always smells good without trying.
I love how he always wants to hold my hand.
I love how different we are.
I love his musical talent. That boy blows me away.
I love his smile. Subtle, sincere, and infectious.
I love how he makes me feel so happy, so complete, so loved.

Yes, I am definitely in love.

But he can't know that yet.
Because I don't know if he loves me the way I love him.

"Have we got any requests?"

I spent my Thursday evening at a 'dueling piano bar' with my mom, grandparents, and three younger sisters singing the night away and, without a doubt, making a fool of ourselves.

The pianist, throughout the night, asked the audience to make requests. After suffering through many forgotten ballads and rock 'anthems' that bored the audience half to death, I was able to compile a list of the best requests one can make should they find themselves in a situation resembling mine on Thursday night. These also happen to be some pretty spectacular, crowd-pleasing karaoke pieces!

  1. Sweet Child of Mine (lots of super embarrassing high notes and belting opportunities)
  2. Summer Lovin' (girls sing the girls' part, guys sing the guys' part. Perfect. And atrocious.)
  3. Sweet Caroline (no explanation necessary)
  4. Crocodile Rock (everyone dances for this one)
  5. Livin' on a Prayer (everyone screaming "wuuuhhh ohh living on a prayer!" 'Nough said)
  6. Don't Stop Believing (ALWAYS a favorite for everyone)
  7. Forget You (you can't deny the fun in an entire room screaming 'fuck you')

Friday, August 3, 2012

The Drug Guy (and what he taught me about weight loss)

Back in 7th grade, we had a guest speaker come to warn us of the dangers of drug use. He called himself the drug guy. Yes, really.

He repeated a lot of information I already knew about lung cancer, meth mouth, and jail time, but the Drug Guy did teach me something else that would follow me through life: why it's do damn hard to lose weight. 

So ladies (and gentlemen, I suppose), why is it so hard to lose weight?

According to the Drug Guy, your brain releases pleasure hormones at high amounts during two instances-- sex and eating. Yup. (Being the Drug Guy, he went on to explain how drugs also cause release of pleasure causing hormones at such great amounts that eating and orgasming are no longer pleasurable). 

But that just explains it all. 

World, I am not losing weight because I am not having enough sex to make up for the pleasure human beings instinctively find in tucking into a good meal. NO ONE is having enough sex for that. 

So all of you who manage to turn down a hot pizza, please, enlighten me. What have you found that is so pleasurable it surpasses food and sex?

And don't say drugs because the Drug Guy told me those were bad way back in 7th grade.