Thursday, August 30, 2012

Annoying Things Adults Do

I have encountered many things that adults do that annoy me, but I have managed to narrow it down to the top three MOST annoying things adults do...

  1. "Hey kiddo!" Okay, really? I just HATE this. Who, in their right mind thinks that kiddo is an acceptable title for someone. Come on, adultos.
  2. Trying to set you up. Recently, we had a few of my grandparents' friends over for drinks and one of them brought their 23 year old Italian nephew with the hopes of me up with him. Meaning they constantly asked me, "Don't you think he's sooo handsome? Why don't you come over and talk to him? What do you think?" STOP, I AM NOT INTERESTED.
  3. "So what college are you going to?" I am a senior and school hasn't even started yet. I hardly know what classes I am taking this next year of high school, yet alone what college will accept me and offer me scholarship money. That's a ways down the line. I didn't know last week, I don't know today. I won't know for months. Stop asking. The answer is the same.
So adults, read this and be enlightened. And youngsters, read this and be amused.


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