Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Marriage Advice

So the other day I asked my divorced mother how, given the learning experiences of her failed marriage, she believes you know when you should marry someone and have a long, successful marriage with them. And this is what she said...

  1. You cannot see anything in the person that you wish to change and you definitely cannot hope to change that for them. You have to only accept their weaknesses and decide whether or not those are weaknesses you can learn and continue to love.
  2. The person must bring out the absolute best qualities in you. They must not bring out jealousy, reclusiveness, disorganization, anger, obsession, etc.
From these two pieces of advice, I learned so much.

I am only a senior in high school and by no means plan to get married anytime soon, but after my mom's advice I feel that, should I be a few years older and wiser, boyfriend and I would have a long and happy marriage. I recognize that he has no sense of style, but I think it's cute and unique. I love that he can't stop laughing once he starts. It's different that he oversimplifies which ultimately over complicates. I already love these things about him.

Most importantly, my boyfriend makes me not care what anyone thinks. He reminds me that I'm beautiful, smart, and funny, and being around him gives me the confidence and courage to wear, say, act, and be what/how I want. And that side of me is the best side of me.

Just because current statistics aren't in your favor, it doesn't mean you can't find love and make it last the duration of a lifetime. So here's to long and happy marriages. *clink*


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