Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hey guys!

So without going into too much detail and boring you all to death, my tedious part time job relies heavily on customer service-- greeting people when they walk in and always smiling (*barf*).

Today, two older ladies, both around 70, came in and I greeted them with my standard, "Hey guys, how are you today?" Normally, the responses are within the range of "fine, thank you" and "great, thanks." But these two were different. After kindly greeting them, I was shocked to see both of them look up at me, a look of disgust on their faces, as one of them responded, "We are not guys." Her friend them followed this with a snarky and condescending look saying, "We are ladies." They then turned around and left.

And so to those LADIES I would like to say:

Guys, (see what I did there?)

I made an effort to greet you, and although it may not have been in a manner that you approved of, I greeted you kindly. As a fellow woman, I am not seeking to demean you or suggest that you are anything less than two well-dressed, elderly woman out for a day of shopping. This is simply the way we young folk greet others.

The Rude Sales Associate Who Dared to Call You 'Guys'

I guess I have learned my lesson: never address people as anything other than ladies and gentlemen. Oh wait, that's ridiculous.

That's all for now!

<3 F

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