Sunday, August 5, 2012

Thoughts from the Workplace: Aug. 5th

When I planned this series of posts, I was expecting to trash talk about the hippies and tourists who clutter the local art fair and the  businessmen and students who gather at the Starbucks where I work.

However, tonight, my very first 'Thoughts From the Workplace' post straight from the eccentric art fair is one of praise.

Today, three things have happened that have made me grow to appreciate the artsy and the visiting.

  1. Upon first glance, I rolled my eyes at Carrie. With her visor, waist-high cargo shorts, and pink 'CALFORNIA' tshirt, she was the exact person I swore at secretly for causing traffic and parking issues among many other annoyances. However, Carrie walked right up to me today and gushed that my hair was the most beautiful she had ever seen, all the while sporting the most genuine of smiles. 
  2. Next up is the lady sitting at the booth next to me. Our only interactions have been courteous smiles whenever we make eye contact, but that's it. Today, lady whose name is still unknown, came over and handed me a plate of brownies and cake, smiled, and returned to her station.
  3. I have now finished my brownies and baked goods courtesy of kind neighbor and I am greeted by Jeanne who is walking around with a bucketful of chocolate covered almond clusters that she is handing out to customers, artists, and sales associates alike, leaving none for herself. 
These are all miniscule, I know, but somehow they made me appreciate the hippies and tourists a little more. 


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