Saturday, August 4, 2012

"Have we got any requests?"

I spent my Thursday evening at a 'dueling piano bar' with my mom, grandparents, and three younger sisters singing the night away and, without a doubt, making a fool of ourselves.

The pianist, throughout the night, asked the audience to make requests. After suffering through many forgotten ballads and rock 'anthems' that bored the audience half to death, I was able to compile a list of the best requests one can make should they find themselves in a situation resembling mine on Thursday night. These also happen to be some pretty spectacular, crowd-pleasing karaoke pieces!

  1. Sweet Child of Mine (lots of super embarrassing high notes and belting opportunities)
  2. Summer Lovin' (girls sing the girls' part, guys sing the guys' part. Perfect. And atrocious.)
  3. Sweet Caroline (no explanation necessary)
  4. Crocodile Rock (everyone dances for this one)
  5. Livin' on a Prayer (everyone screaming "wuuuhhh ohh living on a prayer!" 'Nough said)
  6. Don't Stop Believing (ALWAYS a favorite for everyone)
  7. Forget You (you can't deny the fun in an entire room screaming 'fuck you')

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